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Season 2002/03 Presentation Evening
The Trophies prior to the presentation
Service with a smile!
The Bar Staff
Brought along a trophy of his own!
John Edwards
Top Goal Scorer

Mick Muscroft
Collected By Andrew Bradley)

Most Valuable Member of the Club
3Richard Hayburn
Player of the Year
3Carl Ball
Sportsman of the Year
3Mickey Tudor
Managers Player of the year
3Steve Ball
Player's Player of the Year
33Carl Ball
Pre season friendly versus local rivals Grove Lea - Chequerfield 1 Grove Lea 0
Shane Mossup heads the ball on past a couple of Grove Lea defenders
The lads congratulate Steve Limbert after scoring a 40 yard belter!
'Super Sub' Limbert throws the ball back into play
I hope I have as little to do in the second Half!
I'm begining to dehydrate after last nights session
I'm your number 1 fan!
Kev Taylor
Its a lonely job out there for the ref - but someones gotta do it
A meeting of minds - Don't think Sir Alex has anything to worry about!
The game can't be played without officials - cheers Woody
Look at my body! I've just got back from Magaluff!!!!
Phew - It's hot out there
Oh No - I've had a shitter! and will have to wear this T shirt all day!!